I can't license the displays

I did not find material on the internet that teaches how to license perpetually in displays

please can someone help me

I use cms in the local cloud (we installed it on aws)

and now the displays do not update and I believe it is because of the licensing

I bought a perpetual license to test but I can’t get it to work

Can someone help me?

Hi Andriel_Allison_Nogu, welcome to the community!

To troubleshoot the issue further I will need some more information, please can you confirm:

  • The player platform you are using Android, Tizen or webOS? You can find instructions on how to license each of these players by clicking the name to access the installation guide. There is a section on licensing in each guide.
  • What player version have you installed? This should be listed in the player file you downloaded to install on the display. For Android this is an APK, webOS is an IPK and Tizen is a WGT.
  • Do your devices running the Xibo players have access to the internet without restriction? if not they will not license.
  • If you go to the Displays menu in your CMS, is there a tick in the Logged In and Authorised columns? What do you see in the Status column?
  • Are the layouts you have scheduled showing a tick or ! in the Valid column if you check them in the Layouts menu?

Once we have this information we can troubleshoot further. Please also note that the licensed versions of the Xibo players are supported in the helpdesk. You are welcome to create a ticket to discuss this issue and so we can discuss your perpetual license privately. If you would like to create a ticket for licensing your players, please do so by logging into your Xibo portal account that purchased the perpetual license and go here.

Many Thanks.

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