I cannot view the new stock ticker


since the change to the new stock ticker I can’t view it anymore. I guess it’s a problem with our firewall, because the RSS ticker is working fine. Can anyone tell me the URL which is needed for that stock thingy?

I assume you mean currencies/stock modules?

Have you already configured the module with new api key? https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/media_module_currencies.html
(the same one is for stock module)

Hello Peter,

yep - thats done with an API key from “www.alphavantage.co”. I also don’t see anything in the logs with a failure.

any news for an else URL?

The alphavantage API is at www.alphavantage.co as you say. That’s the URL it will be trying to access.

hmm. But that URL is free and working. When I am going to press the get result button at the weather module it’s working, at the stocks module I don’t get anything. I even don’t get any failure at the logs.

I’ve removed the Proxy URL to test the logs with the weather module and as soon as I removed that URL and press results I do get a failure at logs for the weather module. But nothing at stocks.

Do you see any possible failre that could be? I also tested the currencies module with same result - no failure and no data.

RSS Ticker and Weather module is perfectly working.

The alphavantage API seems to be very slow at the moment. I get results fine here, but it does take some time for them to appear. I’m not sure that we’ve tested the new module with a proxy. I’ll investigate that and get back to you.

It does appear it won’t work from behind a proxy. I’ve logged it here:

Thank you, thank you very much.

I wish you happy holidays!

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