I can not delete a layout in version 1.8

I can not delete a layout in version 1.8

When I try to delete the layout, I get the message that an error has occurred and I should look for the support.

I’ve tried: disable layou, delete all content. And even then I still can not delete it.

This only happens with this layout, I have tested with others and it works normally.

You would need to enable debugging in the CMS, recreate the problem and then looks in logs for errors related to the issue.

is it 1.8.0 or 1.8.1?

It is version 1.8.1.

Today I tried and I succeeded. It was already inactive since my previous post.

I simply tried and I succeeded.

Let’s see if it happens again.

Sometimes it is not possible to delete a weather forecast layout if it is assigned to a group of layouts.

In my test, I was only able to delete it after manually removing it from the group of layouts it was assigned to. “This group was scheduled”

I did a test on another layout that was having the same problem.
I removed it from one layout and added it to another that was also scheduled.
And this way I managed to delete.

Apparently the problem is not recurrent, but this solution solved the problem.

CMS 1.8.9
The layout contained a weather module.

I hope it helps.

I had the same problem today,

I was only able to delete the Layout after removing it from the Layout Group.

This problematic layout had a weather forecast widget, even though I deleted the widget, it was not possible to delete the layout without first removing it from the Group.

Has this bug already been fixed in version 1.8.10?

There were some issues with that in the earlier versions, as far as I know it should be fixed in 1.8.10.

I assume you meant Campaign?
If so, then that particular issue was fixed in 1.8.2, but perhaps there is some other way to trigger the issue.

However as far as I know in 1.8.10 that should work fine.