Huge stat table 2.5GB


my stat table is quiet large and causing some issues with our backup script. Can I safely truncate it?.

i have maintenance mode turned on – it was on protected, so not sure if it was running.

Yes you can safely truncate it, but you’ll loose your proof of play statistics so be sure to export them if they’re important to you.

The maintenance script can only clear old stat records if it’s being run. You should work through the CMS Post-Installation guide stickied on the front page of this site to ensure that’s been correctly setup.

On a busy CMS, 60 days worth of stats (the default) can be 6GB or so of storage so if that’s an issue for you then you’ll need to reduce the window which you keep stats for, or disable them completely if you don’t require them.

Hi Alex,

thanks for the info, appreciated. We have 5 displays currently, and no one is asking for stats at this point…


If you are running windows players you may want to turn stats collection off completely using in the Display Settings. The same capability will be coming to Android players in 1.7.7.

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