Huge Log Issue!

Can anyone help me with the issue with my log is. Many thanks

At a guess one of your tickers is configured to look at an invalid RSS feed URL. When the CMS tries to parse the feed contents, it’s not valid XML.


The RSS feeds are correct and working on screen. Upto 33678 in the log now. its weird.

It wouldn’t be generating that error unless there were an issue with one of the feeds. The Players will show cached content if there’s a feed not updating correctly so you won’t see an issue at the Player.

Ensure you have the CMS in production mode and the auditing turned off - incase you’re seeing a warning that would normally be suppressed.

The logs should be cleared out by the maintenance system, or you can safely truncate the log at any time using the Truncate button.

You do need to isolate which feed it is that’s causing an issue though, and either fix the source RSS feed, or use a different feed address.


Here is the feed: also cleared the log and altered the update interval of the feed to 60mins. So will just wait and see now.


The feed is valid, so it suggests the CMS can’t download it properly. Perhaps proxy settings are wrong or there’s a connectivity error?


Can you elaborate on the proxy setting? Still getting log errors. Can you add the feed at your end to see if it happens.


Are you using a proxy server in your environment? Or any other kind of device that would prevent the CMS downloading the feed correctly? Perhaps a content filter?

I’ve added the feed here and it works OK. Nothing is logged:

All I can think is something is between your CMS and the Internet, which is blocking access, and returning something other than the XML feed to the CMS. Most likely candidate would be a proxy server or an internet filtering appliance.

Tumblr has all kinds of nasties on it, so is very likely to regularly end up on commercial filtering appliances as a place to block access.


No nothing blocking


You’re certain the CMS isn’t in test mode, or has debugging turned on?

I’ve looked at the error more closely and it’s not related to downloading the feed as I thought - but rather trying to get the image URLs from the feed items. The error comes when we try and do that. It’s a warning, which means it should be supressed, unless you were running in debug/test mode?


I will double check later and report back, the feed is set to 60 min check intervals and I think it created the log every hour.
I have cleared the log again and will wait


Also worth checking you don’t have auditing turned on for any of your Displays.

If the update interval is set to 1 hour then that makes sense, as it’ll only run that routine when the feed content is refreshed from the Internet.