How to Use Xibo

hello , my name alfi , I am from Indonesia . I 'm sorry , because my English is not good .
I am a new user Xibo , ubuntu How can a way that the client can open a layout that was I created ? I 've installed ubuntu client , but I do not layout also appear , which emerged default layout

Hi Alfi,

Sorry for the delay.

First note that Ubuntu player is no longer supported you can read about reasons here.
But if you are using Ubuntu player against 1.6 CMS then there shouldn’t be any issues.

If you’d have any questions regarding ubuntu player itself please read more here

As for the guides that I’d suggest to you:

I strongly recommend that you go through this guide here:

here are more guides:
Guides The post-installation guide could be especially handy

We also have FAQ here:

If you have questions that aren’t covered in the links above, you can also ask your questions on our community site here: Community Site