How to use xibo for newbie

I dont know anything about xibo…can someone teach me…got to do project using xibo


Maybe you can start here:

Regards, Peter

Thank you…btw how can i change xibo from localhost to ip adress use…

Depends on your installation really, it can be accessed via IP on the PC on which you have Xibo installed, IP of the server on which you have it installed etc, hard to guess how do you have it installed to give you a straight answer :slight_smile:

Thanks…im gonna try check it again…n do it again…

Why in player option when i want to save to launch display say the request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found how can i fix that?

It would imply that the CMS Address you’ve entered is incorrect / can’t be reached.

Simple test would be to try and navigate to the address in the web browser on the device with your player, if it can’t reach it in the browser and player will not be able to do that either.

Why when i want to install xibo…the ZeroMQ have “!”…how to fix that?..

On manual installations, the zeroMQ needs to be manually installed and enabled and then the XMR configured.

Please see -

If you have not that already please also look at the earlier points on that page and the XTR link on the left - these parts are more important than the zeroMQ/XMR.