How to use CMS API?

I am Mitesh need some help regarding xibo CMS customization.I want to achive that,

  1. At client side read continuous serial data from uart/rs485 and show it on customized layout.
  2. Whatever change is happened at client side must be shown on CMS.
  3. Any functionality available to use CMS and Xibo Player API’s directly.

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and 16.04 at client.

Thanks & Regards,
Mitesh Dube
Pune, India

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Hello Mitesh,

Regarding point 1 - do you really mean continuous (real-time) or is it on a frequency? You might be best looking into JavaScript to run in an embedded Widget to read that data source (maybe a web socket or similar)?

Regarding point 2 - does your rs485 data need to be shown at the CMS?

Regarding point 1 - it’s continuous(real-time). How I can put this data at specific location of layout/region ?
Regarding point 2 - yes I need to show rs485 data at CMS.

You would use an embedded widget which you could place in whatever Region you wanted on the layout designer.

As far as the player is concerned that data is transient - so the embedded widget connects to the data as a live stream and shows the current result.

In my opinion showing real time data in the CMS is a losing battle. I think you need to look at having a server close to the data and then web sockets to pull that into the CMS somehow.

This is well outside the scope of what I can help you with :smile: and the Xibo bit is irrelevant really.

I hope this is in some way useful!

Thank you so much !:smile:

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Any reference for how to use function EmbedInit().

It is a JavaScript function which the Player calls when it has finished loading the page. You can do anything there that you can do in a normal webpage.

jQuery is available to you at that point also.

Any example how to use it?

That depends what you want to do!

For example:

function EmbedInit() {

Thank you this has solved my problem. :smile:

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