How to Upgrade to new CMS

What’s the easiest way to upgrade my CMS and all of my clients, and what’s the past of least impact?

What version do you currently have and to what version would you like to upgrade please?

I assume this is on-premise custom installation?

You can find upgrade notes here -

If you’re upgrading to 1.8.1, we do recommend docker if possible, after upgrading the CMS, it will be also highly recommended to upgrade your players to 1.8 series as well.

Hi Peter, we have 1.7.8 and I’d like to upgrade to 1.8.1…

I’m not sure Docker will help much here as we’re behind a firewall. Can I just drop the new CMS files in, or is there a DB migration that has to be performed? All I see in the documentation are instructions on how to backup the DB, but I can’t find anything regarding migrating.