How to start the Xibo Client on a running Windows systems?

There is one display which I can’t turn off, it has to run constantly. Otherwise the WLAN connection will get lost and I can’t access that player any longer.
At least I want to close and restart the client and watchdog task on a regular basis.
I therefore created a task in the scheduler to kill the client and watchdog task at 19:00 which works fine.
I created a another task to launch the player at 08:00 but the player window doesn’t show up. I see it in the task manager as well as watchdog but that’s it.

For whatever reason XMR seems not configured correctly as I can’t send any commands to any player so going that way is currently not an option. I don’t have full acess to the CMS but to all players.

BTW: When I open a cmd window on that player, enter “C:\Program Files (x86)\Xibo Open Source Digital Signage\XiboClient.exe” and hit the return button, it works as expected.

Could someone please give an advice how to achieve my goal?

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