How to show the user created layouts on layouts list in Xibo 1.8.9

Hi all, I have created some layouts for different users but when i click on layouts, no layouts are showing in the layouts list.i have two users, but now one showing any layouts, please help me.

If you look above where the layouts grid should be ie the Filters:

You have entered “ticker” as the layout name, Owner as “root” and Owner User Group as “System Notifications”, due to that there is a good chance no layouts are matching those filters, hence no results are displayed.

You’d want to clear those filters and you should see all the layouts in the CMS.

I have also remove “ticker” and set Owner type “root” and owner group is “users” but still not showing.

and also set the advance as:

Can you confirm that you still cannot see the layouts if you remove all filters, including owner and User Group?

Can you also confirm if this is a Docker or Custom installation.

Many Thanks.