How to set playing sequence to files in multiple layouts

Hello guys,

I need help for this setting, please!
I created capmaign which has 3 layouts, and each layout has 5 diferent video files.
When I schedule campaign, it plays all files from the first layout, than all files from the second, and all files from the 3rd layout.
Is it possible to schedule campaign NOT to play all files from layout, but the first files from all layouts, than the second files from all layouts etc?

I was searching community, but I havn’t find simillar topic.

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No it is not currently possible.

Campaign is an ordered group of layouts, when scheduled it will display the layout according to the specified order and it will show whole content of layout 1 switch to layout 2 then to layout 3 and so on.

So you’d need the re-organise the videos in your layouts to match the order in which you want them to be displayed.

Thanks Peter for fast reply. It would be great upgrade to Xibo to have that option. I have several signs playing tons of diferent files, so order priority is very important. Can you advice some other software solution capable to do this (free, comercial no matter)?

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