How to Scheduling templates

I have try some setings but i do not uderstand hou to make the setings.

Screen A
Layout1 (90 sec contend)
Layout2 (60 sec content)
Layout3 ( 120 sec content
Campagne1 150 sec (layout1 90 sec and layout2 60 sec total 150 sec)

I would like to have the campang run one time in an hour.
After the campang has run hes cicles it has to go to the default layout of the screen.

Is this poseble?

Withe the settings i have now it is not returning to the default display layout

You’d setup your schedule as follows

Layout: Campaign 1
Start: 02/04/2015 21:00
End: 02/04/2015 21:02
Priority: Enabled
Repeat: Hourly
Every: 1
End: 02/05/2015 22:00

That will mean that between 21:00 until campaign 1 finishes, it will show campaign 1. After that, the default layout will show.

Then at 22:00, campaign 1 will show, then back to the default layout etc