How to report retired video?

Unfortunately I retired some video but no copy report about these video yet. Please help to get report for these video.


I am not sure I fully understand the question.

Are you saying that you retired some media and now you would like to find it?

If so, go to Media, click on “Filter” in the upper right corner. The change the drop down labeled “Retired” to yes.

My case:

A TVC Oppo (Video) run since 1Aug to 31.Aug.But my staff deleted/retired it in 1Sep.
It should have an Report from 1-31.Aug, right?but no Report about that on Xibo.Please help.

You mean you can’t see any statistics for it?

Retiring a media item has no impact on past statistics.

Yap, I can;t see any statistics for it. Please help to recover it.

I’ll check with @dan but I’m pretty sure if the stats were recorded and uploaded to the CMS they will still be there.

So Retired media won’t show in the statistics drop down list, but the records are still there. If you export the records for the period you’re interested in then it will still show in there. Use the “Export” button top right of the statistics page to do that.

I still see some retired Video in the statistics drop down list. What about deleted video?it would show in statictis report, wouldn’t it? I got an error when I used the “export” button for too much days…

Deleted items would show in the export but with no name against them. You would need to keep the number of days low as the statistics export generates a large number of records.

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