How to play videos when no network connectivity

I have 2 devices that are connected to the network, but the network cabling or router or something is bad, so they lose network connectivity. I have our network guys looking into the problem, but they have not been able to find the cause (going on a few weeks). All other devices (12) work just fine. Those 2 devices work in the other locations just fine, so I know it’s the location and the network. My question, how can I get the videos to continue playing, even though there is no network connectivity? They seem to play for 2 or 3 days and then it goes to my default layout. Is there a setting to make this indefinite? The files are local to the devices, so why can’t it just continue to play - and not receive any updates?


The players cache two days worth of schedule information each time they connect. If your schedule uses repeats for example then it will only collect 2 days worth of those each time.

You can either increase the lookahead in the CMS settings (REQUIRED_FILES_LOOKAHEAD setting) or use a schedule that goes from now until a date in the future without repeats in it.

Thanks, Alex! Right now I have one layout scheduled to start at 8am and end at 8pm the same day and it repeats 1x daily until some date in the future. All it does is plays videos all day. Then at 10:30pm I have another layout reboot the device (repeating 1x per day).

Since I want the players to play nothing from 8pm to 8am - I would have to use the REQUIRED_FILES_LOOKAHEAD because if I scheduled something from today until a year from now, it’s going to play consistently (24hrs / day) until that end date, correct? Also, does the device have to be connected to the network to receive the reboot command or is that in it’s schedule locally and will reboot for the 2 days as well?

Last question - Can I set the REQUIRED_FILES_LOOKAHEAD to something crazy like 6 months in the future?

I’m trying to weigh out my options. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

If the reboot schedule is downloaded along with the layout then the Player will action it. There’s no need for the server connection for that to happen.

You can set the lookahead to whatever you like, however note that the further ahead you set it, the more work the CMS has to do to generate the schedule on every single request for it, and also the larger the response to the Player will be.

2 days is ideal. If your case perhaps push it out to a week or so but I wouldn’t advise setting it much longer than that.

What you could also do is set your video layout to be the default layout as well, then when it runs out of schedule it will play that instead of the splash screen.

So here are my 3 options (without using the REQUIRED_FILES_LOOKAHEAD setting)

Set my video layout as the default layout
12 devices will continue to reboot daily
2 devices will reboot for the first 2 days, but not after that
All devices will play the videos all of the time (no 8pm-8am blackout)

Create a schedule and set it to 8am-8pm with a repeat daily targeting the 12 devices and then create a second schedule targeting these 2 other devices where it has a start date and some end date in the future with no repeat.
12 devices - videos will only play from 8-8 and will reboot nightly
2 devices - videos will play all of the time (and only reboot for the first two days)

Create a schedule targeting all devices where it has a start date and some end date in the future with no repeat.
All devices will play the videos all of the time
12 devices will reboot daily
2 devices will only reboot for the first two days

PS - Thank you soooo much!!!

Or leave your schedules as they are, and only for the problematic displays set the default layout to be your videos.

12 Players will then operate as normal. Your two faulty units will play the schedule as normal for 2 days, and then revert to the default layout all the time