How to install xibo 1.8.0 manually along with another site


How to install xibo 1.8.0 manually along with another site

I’m trying to install Xibo manually and I’m not getting it.
Note: “I can not use docker”.

I have a hosting in “Hostgator” and I already own a site that is in the folder:
"(/ Home / user) / public_html / site"

I want to install Xibo in the “tv” folder:
"(/ Home / user) / public_html / tv"

I unzipped and renamed the “xibo-cms-1.8.0” folder to “tv”, but when I access the address:
The installation does not start, instead the folders are displayed.

I also tried to access:” and “http://mysite/tv/install” but it did not work either.

I read these instructions but can not understand what I should do:

How should I proceed?

The problem has been fixed.

I requested the hosting to give 755 permission to all folders and 644 to all files.

Then I was able to start the installation.

I’m glad you have it working, however, note that if you have ‘web’ in your final URL then the CMS is incorrectly installed and that may leave you open to possible security issues going forward.

The only thing that should be web served is the contents of the web folder - everything above that should not be accessible.

As you have opted for a custom install, we may not be able to provide you support going forward.


In my installation the Web is not appearing at the end.

I created a subdomain and set the web folder as root, so it is not displayed.

After I log in for example the address displayed is this:

I asked my hosting about whether to enable ZeroMQ on hosting and was informed that it is only possible in dedicated hosting or VPS which is not my case.

01 - Is this the only way to use push messages?

02 - If it is, will not this limit the amount of users who would have access to this resource? I do not know, but I believe that most users use shared hosting that is a lot cheaper.

01 - No way
02 - If you do not have ZeroMQ Xibo still works, but you may not able to use some of the features which depends on ZMQ.

Version 1.8 is mostly rewritten to make XIbo work near real time for content delivery, MVC and many other important improvements necessary to increase contribution as well as adoption.

If you do not need such advanced functionality, then probably using older version is no harm as long as it is supported by Xibo core team.

Does the latest version of Xibo for android 1.7 work normally on cms 1.8?

Except of course the new real-time features that I do not mind.

What I want is to use the new CMS web interface …