How to hire Xibo experts?

Hello all,
Does anyone have experience hiring some consultants to do Xibo customization?
I’m looking for someone to create modules and change the user interface and have no idea where to look. Thus, any help or ideas will be highly welcome.

Don’t know if people offer this but the beauty of Xibo is you can do this yourself :smile:


You can have a look here
Then you might want to go to their website and contact their support with your detailed request and we will see what can be done and when :wink:

I agree. This is one of the advantages of Xibo. However, sometimes some features may be either a bit overwhelming or you are under time constraints. Additionally, a healthy sign of a vibrant community is a rich number of experts who sell their expertise on it. It shows when a tool graduates from a maker into a real world class application. :slight_smile:

Well, we are always happy to help :wink:

As the founders of the project we don’t believe in “touting” or “pushing” our consultancy - that isn’t why we started Xibo. That being said we do have to eat :laughing:

Agree with you and already sent a request! :blush:
If there is someone I’d like to pay for such amazing job are the people putting the sweat and tears.
I guess I asked about consultants because of previous experiences with other companies who didn’t see our small job requests as something “strategic” and didn’t even reply or sent us quotes with prohibitive prices.
The Xibo folks keep surprising with openness and willingness to help. Just love it! :smile:

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Pleased you are enjoying the Xibo experience!