How to group dataset data and layout table with header group name

Dear all,

I have a dataset which represent 2 colomns Day and Description

items in my table are organise the following way

Monday Item1
Monday Item2
Monday Item3
Thuesday Item1
Thuesday Item2
Thuesday Item3

When I set a Ticker to represent my dataset, my data are displat exactly in the way above. What I need to do is that if the Day is the same it is display a single time as a header for records as follow



I need to group my data by Day column but also represent the layout so that group name is shown only once.

I have no idea how to accomplish this , any help


You can use multiple dataset views, each filtered to only show the Item column, where Day=Monday for example.

The problme is that I need to show the wweek menu as a whole in a region.
So If I do the way you suggest, each day menu will loop.

I need to display the whole week menu in a single region, possible?

Why not just use Text then?

If I use text that will be the same trouble for each record where items belongs to same day, it will be display as below

Monday items 1
Monday items 2
Monday Items 3

What I want is to be able to no repeat the Day column if it is the same.

I have try also add a dataset view where in Filter field I have add : dtDay=‘Monday’, by doing so no record is return at all

So what is the proper way to do ?


I mean why not just use a Text media item.

You can type whatever you like in that, in whatever format you need.

Datasets are only really useful where you want to reuse the same data multiple times over and format it differently in each place.

The reason of not using text media is that people who will update the content could be anyone even a simple secretary and to avoid lyout change mistake, I prefer to edit on a single place and dataset is good for that

You can’t add header rows in, so, you’ll either need multiple regions - one for each day and one for each header, positioned appropriately - or you’ll need to use a text media type.

The header region would contain a text item “Lundi” for example, and the dataset region would show just the Item column, filtered on the day you want to show.

The first option is workable I think given your requirements.