How to go to custom CMS in order to handle my customer

Dear all,

I have evaluate the trial version of your platform and now would like to prpose it as a service to our customer.
The idea of course si to be able to have the default look platform toght to our company identity, with out logo and color.

So I guess I need to pay as a start for 1 screen + CMS white label correct ?

Next point is that If I sell this service to different customers, how can I manage my customers through the CMS ?

Do I need to create all my customer account as part of my pay CMS or does each customer will have its own instance through our customized pay CMS ?

Can you explain a bit I get confused .

Exemple :
MyCompany pay for white label

MuCustomer A request for an accout
MyCustomer B request for an account as well

How will I bee able to manage or access my customer account for instance in case of trouble or help them to design

thanks for help

Our recommendation is that you keep each customer in a separate CMS instance.

So yes, you would purchase a CMS white label.

The white label belongs to you, so you would then need to create CMS instances, one for each of your customers and bill them for those.

Each CMS comes with some credentials to log in. You would simply create yourself a support account in the CMS and give your customer different details, so that you can log in to the instance if you need.

The Xibo Community is primarily focused on providing support for the Open Source Xibo CMS/Player. If you’d like to talk commercials in a more private environment, please email and we can put together a quote for you, and discuss Cloud Custom Domain etc.

Best wishes


Something I do not understand :

Lets say my company bought a White label CMS and use your hosting service

So if a customer request a new account, I need to login to XYBO web site and request a new login as my customer, correct?

But then does that means I need to buy 1 CMS While lable for each of my customers to get my company label ?

Or does that mean I buy the while label once for my company and it is replicated to each of my company instance ?

thnaks for clarification

You but the white label only once, and then you can apply it to all your instances at no extra cost.

The only cost for each instance is the hosting service itself.

You log in to Customer Portal as you, not as your customer, and create the instance for them.

how much each created instance cost ?

Assuming you’re in USD, $1.70 + VAT per display slot, per month, billed annually in advance.

As I mentioned before, if you want to discuss this kind of commercial arrangement, then an email to our service desk is the best way as we can then provide you a quotation for exactly what you need.