How to give OR filters in CMS API

Hey there.
I am trying to list only the files of type “image” or “video” from the library. What is the right filters that i should be passing … I tried many combinations , including these

  1.         {{url}}/api/library?type=image||type=video
  2.           {{url}}/api/library?type=image OR type=video

But no luck… is it possible to list only file of type image and video at all ?

I am using the CMS 1.8.9

Many thanks !!

I don’t think you can send conditions like that in a single GET request via postman.

via script you can of course easily filter the library according to multiple conditions as needed.

I suppose the closest you can get via one single API call via postman, it would be:


Which returns all assignable media files (ie what you see on Library Media page in CMS web ui excluding fonts and generic files).

I see … thanks Peter… let me try this .