How to edit Advanced display settings in XIBO

Hello I am trying to change the following parameters in
Displays>(Display Select) Edit>Advanced

the current “Advanced” settings are as follows
Settings Profile? = Windows
Interleave Default = No
Auditing = Yes

Need to change the following

Collect interval 15 minutes (need to change to 5 Minutes)
Download Window Start Time 11:01 (need to change to 7:30)
Download Window End Time 11:01 (need to change to 18:30)
Enable PowerPoint? 0 (need to change to 1)

I am new to this tool - just installed the CMS and first client 24 hours ago
also I have to keep restarting the client for it to pickup the latest changes - am I doing something wrong ?
thank you

Display settings -> edit display profile assigned to your device -> make changes and save

Of course make sure this display profile is assigned to your device.

Hello Peter

I did not understand your instructions
to access the display settings I do the following

Displays -> Edit->…etc

would you please explain how to get to these settings that you have described above

thanks for your assistance

Never mind…I got to the page you were talking about