How to edit a region behind a template with a higher z

Hello Everyone,

I have a few regions that need their media (image) changed frequently. Let’s say they are layer 2. On “top” of them, I have as you suggested a full screen image with transparent areas set to layer 3. I would expect that if I change it from later 3 to 1 it moves behind the active regions so I can edit them but that’s not what happens. The full screen image with the transparent areas seems to alway be “on top” of my active regions and I cannot click on their controls.

How can I change the images in the regions without resizing the full screen image to get to the regions behind it all the time?



We do have it logged and that’s something we will look into as big/full screen floating regions do indeed prevent you from editing anything ‘behind’ them.

In the meantime you will have to move/resize it I’m afraid, alternatively you could use API calls do that without even touching the designer.