How to display dataset record 5 by 5

Dear all,

I have setup a list of professor dataset where there can be a certain amount of the min that list.
I have a region with a TICKER pointing to that dataset.
Of course the visible area of the region cannot contains all list of professor.

is there a way from the Ticker setting, to display on the region first 5 records for 10s, then next 5, then next 5,…; ?


Yes, you’d need to set some effect on general tab let’s say ‘fade’ then on format tab ‘Items per page’ set that to 5, on advanced tab you can enable ‘Duration is per item’ and set the ticker duration to 10s - then first 5 items will stay on screen for 10s and then next 5 will be displayed for another 10s and so on.

great works fine. thnaks