How to display content in XIBO Android player

Hi, I am stuck after successful installation of Xibo CMS and android client. I can display content as Layout. But I want to know how to display any content to Xibo android client. Please help. I have added media and assign this media to android player but it is not showing in Player.

Could be many things like making a layout the default layout. If this is video then the video format might not be supported by the android device your using. I tend to have to convert my video’s to mp4, android compatible using a converter

Thanks for information given by you.

Here, I want to make claer that if I need to display a content then I first must creat a Layout of/for this content.?

What about the serialization and schedule of layouts.

This is where i started.

And within the hour i was creating my very own digital sign.

Sorry i can’t be more specific to your question but i feel that watching the training videos will help massively.