How to display a title to a region where dataset is used

Dear all,

I have a region which is displaying 2 types of menu.
The week menu and the current day menu

Type TICKER : ( display 10s)
The current day menu fetch from a dataset where all menu for the week is enter, then I have a filter which select only current day to be display and in the Appearance model of the ticker I have define the DESCRIPTION filled which represent the menu of the day

Type TEXT (display 10s)
The full week menu is simply enter using text as an array

This sequence works nicely, but the only thing I am trying to achive is that when the TICKER is display at the top of the row of the dataset which gets shown, I need to add a title " Menu of the day " but I am not able to do that .
This title must appears only the the TICKER is displayed. I have try to add a simple text title in the apperance of the Ticker model, but then even if it is raw text, the text is displayed for each records.

How can I get this simple text title define and display only when Ticker is visible ?

I have try to use different overlaps zone just to have a zone for title and an other one for data but it does not work because then when The wek menu text display occurs, the "menu of teh day remains as there is nothing else that can replace it

Thanks for help

You can’t have a region appear only when certain other item is active and then disappear - I mean technically you can have a region with the text you need (‘menu of the day’) and then another text item in this region with single character with the background colour ie so it’s ‘invisible’ and adjust the durations so it would look as you want it to, but that’s not quite perfect solution.

Also, I believe that you’ve already asked this question and both me and Alex replied, basically what Alex said here How to group dataset data and layout table with header group name makes sense.

the linke you refer to was an other issue. I finally decide to got to a single text for thet full menu.
I do not clearly understand how should I organise my menu region based on what you mention.

Actually my menu region is based on 2 media a TICKER to display the menu of the day for 10 s and then a TEXT media which display the full week menu.

Where should I add the titile you mention appears and then disepears ?

in a separate region above the region with ticker/text.

so the first text item there with ‘menu of the day’ would have 10s duration (same as your ticker)
next text item in that region would have a single character with font colour same as background colour and the same duration as the text item with whole menu.

I will try that and let you know