How to connect the player

hello i am new with xibo can someone tell me which ip address to use to connect to csm address site i have used all that i know (i am using a modem for connection to the internet)and i need to connect to csm site to register pls?

I assume you are hosting the CMS by yourself?

In any case the CMS address that you want to enter in the player’s options is the same as the address you use to access your CMS in your browser.

Hello Peter still i have not been able to connect to csm. i have not been able to access the CMS site before. its a new configuration( cms 1.7.8 player).

Are you certain that’s the correct ip address?
so when you were installing the cms -
did you navigate to that exact address to start installation wizard?

What web server are you using and where did you put the CMS archive?

hello Peter, i have use used every means of configuration i know including reading up the manuals in the site. but here is my challenge;

  1. i am using a standalone pc and tv for projection,
  2. i am using a modem device connceted to the pc which means i do not have a static ip address as you know it DHCP connection from the isp provider.
    however, the xibo 1.7.8 folder i placed them inside htdoc folder in xampp folder. i would appreciate your detailed responses pls.
    thanks for your understanding.

hello peter, i have waited endless for the reply on my question. thanks for your understanding.

It’s hard for us to give you an answer because we don’t know your exact setup, and have no control over the way you’ve chosen to arrange things.

Generally, you’d have a Player and CMS somewhere in your network. Your modem connection doesn’t matter in that case since the CMS and Player are on the same local LAN.

If that isn’t the case, then your CMS needs to go on a static IP address. If you can’t arrange that, then you would need to look at hosting your CMS somewhere that will allow you to do that. The project sponsors offer CMS hosting at minimal cost - as do other companies. Perhaps look at that.

If by modem connection, you truely mean an old school analogue modem, then I think you’re going to struggle running Xibo in that environment. Xibo expects to have an always-on connection to the CMS (such as a broadband connection).