How to change locale settings Android player

I have a very simple question that I cannot find the answer to:

I have installed the Xibo Android player but have probably made a mistake when entering the Xibo server address. But how do I adjust that? He therefore does not log on to the server and therefore does not come across it. When I start the device, it will immediately start Xibo player. How do I interrupt it so that I can adjust the local settings?

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You can amend the CMS address by connecting a mouse to your Android device, then clicking on the screen and you should see Xibo menu appearing at the top of the screen with 3 little dots in the right corner : click the dots then > Connect to CMS . This will open a window where you can change the CMS address and CMS Key if need be.

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I thought so too, but when I click on the screen with the mouse, I only get a gray bar at the top of the screen with the logo on the right. No more. I use an Android A5X Max, the app started up there but won’t it be suitable?