How to builld menu restaurant menu


I am actually trestin xibo and trying to find out the best way of showing restaurant menu in a school.
The customer need to display the week menu group by day and the menu of the day in aloop.

I was thinking of the use of the dataset but have no idea how to get it structure;

The customer sample is as below

The week menu :

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3

Q1: How can I represent this in the dataset and the group data in the way they could show them by day.

Q2 : I need also to be able to show the menu of the day. for that in order to get simple I was thinking to have a second dataset or better to have only one and filter for current date ? if second option thnaks for a sample how to do.

The goal is that my final user should only fillup content and not access as much as possible to layout for changing text.

Thanks for help on this

I’d setup a single dataset, in which you can have a column for day of the week (which you can assign values so it’s a select from list), and then item.

So a table like this

Day Item
Monday Item 1
Monday Item 2
Monday Item 3
Thursday Item 1


You can then filter on Day to get just the menu for today, and you can build a layout that shows items for more than one day from that too.

Hello Alex,

I follow your suggestion and then add a Ticker point to my data set in my region. Actually I can see all my data enter.
You mention that in order to be able to see only the current day I an filter on the Day colomn.

So to do that in the Filter field of the Ticker I have added : DAYNAME(CURDATE()) but that does not work

This does not work. Please not that my day value are enter in French as my customer is french, so hoping it take care of region

Any idea

DAYNAME will return English by default.

In that case, I think you’ll need to have a dataset per day. That way you avoid needing to worry about filtering.

I manage to do the filtering by adding 2 Day column, one in French and one in English and I filter in English side.

Now my last problème is still the same when displayin data.

I have the Day field which is repeated for each record when I place it in the Apperance area dedicated to dataset.
Of course I could remove the current day, but customer would like to see it visible as a header not each time.

how can I perform this ?

or is there a way to display in a simple text the current day name using tag or something else ?

Thanks for your advise