How to attach Debugger to the Virtual Machine ( xibo-cms 1.8 beta )


i’ve installed xibo-cms 1.8 beta on a Virtual Machine on Win10.

Now, is possibile to attach a debugger to the xibo-cms on the virtual machine? What IDE do you suggest to work and debug?


I personally use PHPStorm - how to attach a debugger/connect to DB/etc depends on your IDE and how your host interfaces with your VM (as you’re using Vagrant that will be via SSH)

Hi Dan,

i’m using PHPStorm and Vagrant .

Can you link a guide to attach the debugger to the CMS on my virtual machine?


I’ve never done that before (I don’t use the debugger), but there seem to be a lot of people that do if you google for “phpstorm xdebug docker”

Sorry I can’t help you further