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I have a setup a Cloud Hosted CMS with a user group XYZ dedicated to a specific project.
I am logged in as a Group admin for this User Group XYZ.

In Displays / Add Display Code, I can add the code from an Android Player.
Operation succeeds, but I can not see the created Display…

If I log as an superadmin, I can see the Display and add the permission for the User Group XYZ to see this Display.

=> How can I allow a group admin to create a Display and use it, without having to log in as a superadmin ?

Hello and welcome to the community!
I believe that you have been supported by one of our helpdesk agents via an internal ticket. If this is not the case then please do come back to us.

Thank you

Hello Natasha, this is correct. I opened a ticket and got an answer.

Unfortunately, the answer was that is is not possible.
A Group Admin can not create a new display without the help of a Superadmin. This is making it very difficult have multiple user groups working autonomously, in the same CMS instance.

I’d be interested to keep the thread open in case anybody has ideas of a workaround.

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