How to add more than one display in a single server

how to add more than one display in a single server?

for example: I have one computer and I had 3 televisions (to show my Xibo design), I want to show the display Xibo for three different television, whether Xibo do so only by one computer (server)?

I’ve deleted your other topic as it was about the same issue.

So, in normal case, you’d install Xibo player on another device and connect it to your CMS, which would create separate record on the Displays page in CMS.

Now, if all 3 screens are connected to one PC and that PC can handle displaying content to all of them at the same time.

You can install more than one Xibo for Windows player on one PC -

As described in that manual page, you copy your installation, create short cut with o, run it, go to advanced settings and change the Display ID then connect it to your CMS - that will create new record in the CMS.

Once that’s done, you will need to navigate to the Display Settings page, create a new display profile and in location tab set correct offset and assign that new display profile to your second player.

Similar steps for the 3rd player.