How many displays can VPS run?

I try to figure out how much resources one displays takes on VPN. I’m mainly playing video/picture content total 20-30min and loop them. No constant changes.

How far 2gb ram and 2 cores go?

There isn’t a definitive answer to your question as the resources used will depend on how your CMS and Displays are configured.

With 2 cores and 2GB of RAM, you could potentially connect between 5-20 Displays. The reason for such a broad range is due to the possible configurations you could have for your Displays and the resources these options could use.

For example if you set the Displays to a short collect interval, they will contact the CMS more often, which will of course consume more resources than a setup with a larger interval where the Displays communicate with the CMS less. XMR would be another example of a service that whilst not required will use more resources than a setup which does not use it. Enabling stats reporting, Proof of Play statistics and auditing displays are also more examples of settings that will effect the resources used by your CMS.

The only way to know for sure what resource usage to expect is to set up a Display on a VPS, configure it as you would like it to be and measure the usage. This way you can calculate the expected resource cost for your complete setup.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the reply! It gives me a little bit of perspective what to expect.