How long before no tweet message appears?

Hi All,

Anyone have any idea how long before the no tweets message appears on the twitter ticker function?

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In ideal situation it should never appear, since there always should be some tweets returned (and then cached) so there always should be something to display. Then depending on update interval, new tweets should be added to the pool.

The no tweets message, should only appear if the search term + type (recent) return no items (tweets) back.

Hi Peter,

It is strange as i am encountering when there is a period of about a week without new tweets.
And it changed to the no tweets message that i have put in.

Is that something that should happen?

I have the same problem!

We are a slave to whatever returns from the Twitter API - if there are no tweets, then the no tweets message appears. Exactly how long this will take depends on two factors:

  • How long twitter returns items for your search term
  • How long you have the results cached and how frequently your twitter widget is able to refresh

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your update. So does that mean that there is no a fixed period of time where no tweets are being posted before the no tweet message appears?

Twitter has a concept of “Recent”, “Popular” or “Mixed” and it decides which tweets fit into which category. My understanding is that tweets might fit into neither category if your search term is non-specific.

You can try out the search terms using this form:

Anybody solve what problem?
We know that built-in module after 7-10 days did not see the old messages and prints out - “is no tweets”.
If you increase the parameter “Cache Period” in the module settings, then you have time to wait for new messages. We tried to set the Cache to a value of 31 million seconds…:))) but also have to wait a year until of the new message.
Do you have a solution to this problem? There may be a problem in fact the Twitter API, or all the some problems with the built-in module?

Dear admins!
Why you don’t mention that significant limitation of your Twitter module?
See link:
Just 7 days for usual twitter account…

It is using Twitter search API and therefore has all the limitations of it ie it will not show very old tweets and it is returning a sample of active tweets as per their documentation, as Dan mentioned in this very topic it is not something we have any impact on.

We solved the problem in the following way.
In the database Xibo created a new table “Twitter” with fields: screen_name,
oauth_access_token, oauth_access_token_secret, consumer_key, consumer_secret.
Record the credentials of all the Twitter clients.
Created a PHP script that runs via CRON every 5 days (less than 7 days).
The script handles all the clients, recreates all of his tweets, but removes old messages.
The solution is not perfect, but working.