How i can troubleshooting log android and status

First thank you for you support and for your help.
My question I want just know how read the status of android and what it s mean every line in this status.
How can know if have some problem or not.
Because i have cutomer only on android and sometime the content not upgrade automaticly.
But after restart player the content it s upgrade i have use 60s like interval to check cms.

Sorry for my english.

Ok so

If there would be a warning that the device is unlicensed or that it couldn’t access CMS that kind of information would be at the top of the status screen.

General Information:
Versions, CMS address, storage, licensed(should be true), registered(should be true), current layout - probably the most important bits

CMS status:
Register: Registered (quite important :wink:)
Schedule / Required Files, here you will look for any problems with downloads, ie if device at least knows that it should download new content or not, is it up to date or not etc.

Scheduled Status:
Here you can make sure that the device ‘knows’ what layouts it should display and if those layouts are valid, if some of them are invalid then device won’t display them and will move them to invalid layouts as well as add some kind of log information about why layout is invalid.

In normal circumstances you will look for errors under ‘Last 5 log messages’, if the device couldn’t download/display some content or if content was blacklisted or any connection problem should be there (as well as in logs page in CMS)

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Do you have manual

how analyse this.

And your response it s clear

We don’t have manual about this, because as a Spring Signage customer you are entitled to support from us regarding Xibo for Android, so you could you know create a ticket with us :smile: (I know that for now you have only trial at least on this device but still)

So the main problem is that download window is not active so the device won’t download new content.

You will want to go to Display settings page in CMS, edit the display profile that this device is using and make sure that
Download Window start/end time are 00:00 and 00:00 (by default) it should mean that it’s always open
in the same form you might want to adjust Collection interval (how often the device will check for updates with CMS)

If for some reason it is like this but it doesn’t work try to set it to 00:00(start) and 23:59(end).

Also please check time/date setting on the device (and timezone in CMS just to be sure)

Hi thanks for your help. Yes i have an account on spring signage. And also have licence for android.
You can close this ticket thank you a lot

Cool, we try to answer as many posts as we can here on Community site, but as I mentioned as our customer feel free to create a ticket in our helpdesk with us next time you’d have problem with Xibo for Android.