How i can show a Excel file in Xibo?

Hi ,

I need show a Excel file in Xibo client, but i don’t know how I do.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance !

Probably would be best to save it as .csv file and then import it to the dataset in Xibo.

Thanks Peter, but this show a really basic view, i need show a Excel file.

Regards !

mmm perhaps you could save your excel spreadsheet as a webpage.

Then reference that local webpage in embedded html.

Then when you’d need to update/change the spreadsheet just remember to put the file in the same path with the same name so Xibo can update it easily.

Upload the Excel to and share the excel. Alternative upload to Google docs and share.
Embed the excel as HTML on your timeline

Hi Peter,

Im coping the HTML but xibo show -> There is an error in the HTML/XML [-1]

I don’t know if I’m doing correctly. Could you explain how do you do?

Thanks in advance !

The idea to upload it to or google docs, share it (make it public) and then use embedded html module in xibo to display it, is actually quite good as well.

What did you do exactly to receive this error please?


that’s good, but the company politics are really strict and we can upload anything to the cloud.

I need share to Xibo in local mode. I upload the html to xibo but do nothing…

I’m opened the .html with notepad coping the code and paste on embedded module.

Yeah that might not work, I’m not sure how excel is saving it.

Perhaps try to use embedded html module with an iframe with exact path to this file.

Perfect Peter, it works !!

Thanks for your great help


I am new to this, do you have the sample code of how you embedded the html

<iframe src="" width="1920" height="1080" ></iframe>