How does xibo get the media after updating?

How does xibo get the media after updating?

Well, I know the new installation will make the necessary changes to the database.

But how will he get the media?

In the installation instructions nothing is said about the media folder.

Should I copy it manually after the upgrade?

Which update method? Docker or manual?
On Docker, I believe we are supposed to backup the folders before the update, but the original is left in place with the update just overwriting what is necessary, so Xibo would still have all media files.

Manual. :slight_smile:

Ahh. I’d copy the media folder contents back in and see what happens. It looks like the upgrade process has your old db in place… What could it hurt?

I copied and it worked.

I suggest that this information be added to the instructions.

In previous editions when creating the media folder “media /” it went to the root of the installation.

now it is going to root the web folder.