How can your send a Refresh signal to the Display?

First, I rally need to say - THANK YOU for your product, and all the hard work you put into this - it’s head and shoulders above many of the systems I have used - except for one feature I really need a solution for.

How can we send a Refresh signal to the Display to see the new content? It takes FOREVER before anything shows up on the screen, and we really need to be able to see changes in a timely manner.

I’m even talking about a system where there is NO current content to have to “wait for it to finish playing” as I have seen discussed previously. On a NEW system, or one that is just showing the DEFAULT screen because there is nothing scheduled currently, you have to wait an UNKNOWN amount of time before anything appears, and it’s really frustrating. Other Digital signage systems I have used, if you send content, it appears. There HAS to be a way to be able to send a “Refresh” or a “Please look at NEW CONTENT” signal on your system.

Honestly, if there isn’t - PLEASE add it to a feature request. I cannot be the ONLY one who is asking for this!

Thanks in advance for your response. You guys rock!

Thank you :slight_smile:

As for the issue you mentioned.

Currently (1.7) that

It’s pretty much collection interval + layout duration* + download time (if necessary)

* you can enable ‘Expire Modified Layouts?’ in display profile settings
Collection interval is also configured in Display settings -> display profile

If you’re using only the default layout and you scheduled other layout to display, it shouldn’t take too long for your device to show it - unless it has to download a lot of data, or collection interval is set to some higher number.

In coming 1.8 series, thanks to XMR all layout changes will be pretty much instant ( - the download time if required).

If you feel like you have all those settings right and it still takes too long, please show us a screenshot of status window on your device when the issue occurs.

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Can’t wait for the new version!

Where do I make / check these settings?

[quote] you can enable ‘Expire Modified Layouts?’ in display profile settings
Collection interval is also configured in Display settings -> display profile [/quote]

I’m not seeing this, forgive me.

NEVERMIND - I found it… :disappointed_relieved:

OK - I located that setting, it was set for 15 minutes. I set that at 1 minute, and now it displays changes in 1 minute.

The 15 minute figure, I didn’t even know was there - that would explain why it was taking an amount of time, that I couldn’t determine. I wasn’t sitting around for 15 minutes waiting for something to show up.

Is there a reason why that setting is in there? What is the purpose of it?

In most cases, you do not need 1 min collection interval - ie once everything is up and running, in test phase sure lower collection interval might be better.

If you have everything prepared and tested, you most likely don’t need your display to check with CMS every minute.
Since it would have everything downloaded (content and schedule) then you probably won’t make changes that would require 1 min collection interval.

Also as I mentioned with 1.8 and XMR pushing messages, collection interval can be set even higher than 15min and everything will work fine - Push messaging means that changes to layouts and schedules that effect the current scheduled events are actioned immediately.