How can use image from library with CKEditor text

how can use image from library with CKEditor text.

with CKEditor can just add URL for image, but can’t use image from library,i have CKEditor in my website and i know it’s possible to choice from local image. it’s possible to change it on XIBO 1.7.5

As far as I am aware in 1.7 it only works with external images, similar to datasets.
In 1.8 it’s possible to use internal (from library) image in dataset, perhaps we could consider it in this too, although since CKEditor is a 3rd party tool it might be more complicated.


Is this possible? The use of a local image(from libraty) in the text region.

Actually, what we do is to edit the image and insert the text, so we display it as an image but having the possibility of using text with local image would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Ooooops,. i thoug this was a feature topic instead of a support one. Im sorry :frowning:

It shouldn’t be too difficult, i think. You can specidy it in the configuration file of the editor. You should specify the location to a json file that holds the files. If you can explain how/where xibo starts to call the editor, at least i could give it a try…