Hot display a title in a Ticker to use a Dataset?

Dear Xibo People,

Actually I work with a Ticker element to display a dataset values from Dataset.
I try to display a title in my Ticker, but I have a probleme. The title appears multiple times like in this image

Anyone can help me ? Or give me another solution to display à table with Title and Values from Dataset ?


If you want a table then you need the DatasetView media type rather than the ticker.

Ticker is there to generate things like scrolling banners with data from a Dataset. DatasetView shows Dataset data in a tabular format. You could then add a title with a text region above.

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My solution (sorry for my bad English)

Add an checkbox in ticker.module.php where you can choose if the name must be display as title.

Files which have been modified (download links)

ticker.module.php folder modules
HtmlTemplate.html folder modules\preview