[HELP]Xibo Sync and Xibo User Training[Payment ]

Hello All
We are a small company and we have tested Xibo CMS 1.7.4. But we are having problems with Sync, we even have bought Minix as a device for Xibo Client.
I want to ask some more questions:

  1. Does the Xibo CMS has dimensions limit or it depends from the HardWare Device beacusa i am having problems with Big TV. I have user Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian ( Xibo Client 1.6, Xibo CMS 1.6 )
  2. How can i sync 2 TV with each other so i can play offline videos at the same time. even i turn off and on the Minix Device it will continue at the same time where is the other tv playing ?!
  3. Does anyone of you do User Taining for Xibo CMS if i have to pay him ?!

Thank You In Advance

We (the project owners) don’t currently offer any training, however you may want to look in the Xibo Directory.

  1. There are no limits to dimensions. For best results you should create your layout at the same resolution as your intended display, but it will scale if this is not possible (if you have multiple for example).
  2. You can’t im afraid, unless you use some sort of HDMI replication and only have 1 Xibo Player
  3. See above.



I am interested in doing user testing for your Xibo CMS for a payment. I have sent you a private message in this regard. Pls check it.

I have been a xibo solution provider for over 5 years and have lots of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Xibo eco-system. including hardware, software Pls post your interest or send me a personal message by clicking on my profile and then using the “New Message” (blue button).


I assume you mean training - in reply to point #3

To be honest, I over-read it as User Testing but after following the project for around 5 years, I am confident that I can do user training just as well.

In-fact I have written a complete manual for local users specific to their usage and since the training manuals are very case-specific that is why I did not share it with the community however I do plan to produce video manuals for the community when I get the time.


Always happy to accept contributions! :smile: