помогите с ошибкой! \ help with an error!

Обновился с 1.7.4 до 1.8.3
Когда запускаю клиента, выдает ошибку:
agent threads/XMR is dead,not updating status.json
Что делать, куда смотреть ?

help with an error!
Updated from 1.7.4 to 1.8.3
When I run the client, it gives an error:
agent threads / XMR is dead, not updating status.json
What to do, where to look?
Thank you

Is it docker installation or on a web server?

Generally we always recommend to upgrade to 1.8 series from 1.7.9, but it should be ok from 1.7.4 as well.

Regarding that error, it is XMR error, a feature added in 1.8 series, depending what server environment you use, you will need to either set the public xmr address (docker) or enable and configure it (on a web server) instructions for that are in the manual.

Web server - https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_environment.html
and XMR / XTR from the menu on the left

Docker, in this case you’d only need to put xmr public address in CMS settings, with docker that would be:
tcp://YourIPAddress:9505 or tcp://yourdomainName:9505 basically the url to your cms on port 9505 (by default) on non-docker instillation as I mentioned there are additional steps that you need to make as described in the manual linked earlier.

Good afternoon!
xibo 1.8.3 is installed on Ubunta (server)
When I run xibo client, I get this error "agent threads / XMR is dead, not updating status.json"
The manual describes the requirements, one of the bottoms of ZeroMQ …
ZeroMQ - it’s not installed. Is there a problem in it?
Thank you!