Help please PHP 5.3.1 upgrade to 5.3.3

Please can someone give me a clear and strait forward guide on how to do this on server 2003.

I have yet to find one page anywhere on this site tells me how to do this step by step or where to place the PHP or how to install the php.

It’s the only thing that is stopping me from working on this software and no matter what I do I still keep getting the same problem and now I have spent two days on it to no avail

(PHP Version [X] PHP version 5.3.3 or later required. Detected 5.3.1)

Everything else is ticked, what am I doing wrong?

Any chance on here that I have missed an install of the program that sets The PHP up with Xibo?

What web server are you using (XAMPP, IIS)?

I am using apache as the web server

Server 2003 has been end of life for some time now. It’s probably possible to upgrade PHP, but you’d need to ask on a forum specific to PHP for help with that.

Personally, I’d start with a current supported operating system as it’ll save you having to move your install after a short time.

I do know its old but sadly they won’t invest in a better server OS for just the display boards so any help would be fantastic

Sorry, but we’ve no experience installing PHP on Server 2003 and any advice we gave you would be guess work. It would be better to search for an article dealing with that specific issue.

I think you might be able to get docker working on server 2003 - which might be a better option than trying to force the php issue?