HELP! Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn't happen. The theme "img" does not exist

I am trying to implement a new logo to the theme.
I created the theme shared folders and then moved my image to the img folder. I was able to select the custom theme from the list, then I get this error:
Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn’t happen. The theme “img” does not exist

I then tried to follow the instructions for reverting back to the default theme, and I cannot get logged in to the mysql in the docker container, which I get this error:
ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘root@localhost’@‘’ (using password: YES)
using the mysql password in the config.env file.

I also tried deleting my image from the img theme folder, but I still get the error.

I would really like to resolve the theme error instead of reverting back to the default theme.

Ubuntu 16.04
Xibo 2.3.4 thru Docker

The correct username to connect to MySQL with under Docker is cms not root.

I would suggest you set the theme back to the standard one, and then revisit the guide. It explains exactly what you need to do.

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