HeartBeatEvent: XMR unresponsive, issue reconfigure. HELP

Hello everybody! How are you?

I come here to ask for help from the community to solve a very annoying problem. Lately my log is accusing an error like the print below and they are many times during the day.

I performed the procedures suggested here in the community, that is, reconfigure the XMR in the displays but they did not work. The Version of my xibo is 3.3.4 and XMR is 0.9

Please help me.

You only see this if the XMR port is blocked on the firewall. This could be that the players are on a different layer-2 network segment with a firewall between them, or a local firewall in the case of a Windows player.

Check for blocked traffic on the firewall for the configured XMR port.

I checked, but the door is open. What can it be?

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