Have 3 Video Regions. Need all to loop continuously independent of each other

New to Xibo. I understand it enough to be dangerous. I have designed 3 regions on my layout, each playing a timeline with one video. These are short visual guides, about 1 min and a half each. Each different lengths.

I understand the Loop option in each region as well as the timelines. What I am looking for is how can I make each video loop continuously without resetting the layout? Once the layout resets, all videos start again at the beginning which means some were in the middle and don’t finish. I understand its dependent upon the longest video. So I removed all loop options so some don’t start then reset. Just looking to restart a region/timeline when it completes and not the entire layout.

Is this possible? So far the best solution is to not loop anything and just let the region go blank until all have finished, but not really what I want to do this. I want 3 video to play, repeat, play, repeat regardless what else is going on in other regions.

Sort of like this:

<Region 1>Video 1<Region 1>
<Region 2>Video 2<Region 2>
<Region 3>Video 3<Region 3>

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried adding a 4th region, a very small text media or embedded media, and setting its duration to 24 hours (86400 seconds), or however long you intend the layout to be shown.

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The only way to do that is as suggested there - have a 4th region that lasts for the maximum amount of time the layout should remain on screen containing say a single . character in a text region. It can be off-screen (you move it offscreen with the region options).

Normal warnings about long running regions apply though

I’ll give that a try. Thank RLaurette and Alex. Very much appreciate the quick response!

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Worked great! Thank you guys so much!

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