Group user unable to access Display Settings for permitted displays


Display settings applicable for a display that a user has permissions does not appear under the “Display Setting Profiles” page when logged in as that user. I have all menu & pages security access enabled under page and menu security for the user’s group. Also given the user permissions to that display.

A Super Admin that has assigned all permissions for a displays to a user might have also expect display settings to be available for that display.

At least no options to set permissions is available for Display settings page.

Not sure if it’s intended by design or just something the dev’s overlooked.


Permissions for Display Settings have not been implemented yet, we might add it later (especially to 1.8)
At present they are only available for the super-admin.

i have tried using super-admin.account to hide Dataset and filter from " Library " menu but still it is display and not hide what is a reason?
i have done following steps :-
1> Clicked on User
2>clicked on Action Button (for ex admin user)
3>clicked on Menu Security
4>from menu drop down box i have selected library menu
5>tick on option and clicked Assign / Unassign button