Group permission for user layout

Hello, I use CMS 2.3.6 and have created 2 users who are in a group. However, users cannot set permissions for their group in their layout. What settings do I have to make so that the users can assign group rights to their layout? Or can you set it up so that every new layout gets the group rights?


Hi, you can change the default settings for Layout Permissions by going to Settings under the Administration section of the main CMS menu. Click on the Permissions tab and use the drop down to select what permission settings will be created for ALL new Layouts:
Private (default)
Group Read (view)
Group Write (view/edit)
Group Delete (view/delete)
Public Read (view)
Public Write (view/edit)

If you did not want to set that as a global permission for all Layouts then you could tick the User option to View on the access control list for the User/User Groups.

Use the row menu for a User/User Group and select Page Security to access this list:

scroll to the bottom of the list and tick User and Save

More information regarding Permissions can be found here

in v3 we introduced Folders along with Feature and Sharing options to improve the Permissions model from earlier versions!

I hope that is useful for you!

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