Group access not working for layout example


We upgraded from Xibo 1.4.3 to 1.7.3. Only the xibo admin user can view layout examples. Every other user gets an error code.

The user group has access to the layout page. After enabling access on the layout page on the user itself, the user can view the layout example.

I tried creating a new layout, but even when the user is the owner of the layout this erros comes up.
Also tried creating a new user and new layout with the same result.

Error code :
{“html”:null,“buttons”:"",“fieldActions”:"",“uniqueReference”:"",“success”:false,“callBack”:null,“message”:“U heeft geen rechten om deze pagina te openen.”,“clockUpdate”:false,“sortable”:null,“sortingDiv”:null,“paging”:null,“pageSize”:10,“pageNumber”:0,“initialSortColumn”:0,“initialSortOrder”:0,“dialogSize”:null,“dialogWidth”:0,“dialogHeight”:0,“dialogTitle”:null,“dialogClass”:"",“keepOpen”:null,“hideMessage”:null,“loadForm”:null,“loadFormUri”:null,“refresh”:null,“refreshLocation”:null,“focusInFirstInput”:true,“modal”:false,“nextToken”:null,“login”:null,“extra”:[]}

Try removing the layout page permission from the group, saving that change, and then adding it back again please.

It worked! Thanks!!

Keep up the good work!