Grant access to a customer to see only his displays

We have a customer who would like to manage his displays, layout and all other related things on a daily basis. I am trying to set a user group, a display group, and to give him access. I created a user and associated it to a user group. Same for the display. I also set permission on the layout. When I sign in with this user credentials the display and the layout are not there. The menu items exist but not the items themselves.

Which CMS version are you using please?

You will need to assign permissions to specific displays on Displays page and layouts on Layouts page in CMS.

Regarding Layouts, assuming that this user/user group should have permissions on all regions, playlists and widgets on the layout, then please remember to tick Cascade permission... checkbox when assigning permissions to a layout.

I’m using 1.8 version. I want this user won’t have access to resources of other customers. Is it possible? Is there an easy way to creat some kind of a specific domain for a customer? I have a feeling he will have access to things I don’t want him to reach.

This user will only have permissions to the items you assign him permissions to ie displays / layouts / media to which you explicitly assign permission for that user.

We generally suggest separate CMS Instance per customer, however you should be able to set up the permissions the way you want as well.