Google Traffic Customization

Is there a way to customize the layout for the Google Widget? There’s no HTML or CSS fields to work with when clicking Edit…

Do I need to do this the old way using Embedded in order to be able to customize?


What would you like to see added to that widget?

Perhaps we could consider adding that there if it will be possible.

I just want to be able to add a div so I can add label that shows CHICAGO WEATHER, similar to what I’m able to do for the weather app…

With no access to the HTML and CSS I can only add it to the region with no option to give it a heading etc…

We do not think that adding custom html/css to this widget would be a good idea, in cases where it is needed to do so, you might use the embedded html to achieve the same results and have an option to add additional div etc.

OK, understood. Thanks for the response…


What we do is make a region 1720 wide for the traffic and then an adjacent region 200 wide for text saying “Current Traffic”.

Thanks, I already set it up as Embedded and it’s working fine

I’m now getting the oops something went wrong in the google maps window. I want to run the Google Developer tool to check the javascript error log but with the XIBO window open I’m unable to Control + Shift + J to get it to appear while XIBO is running.

Is there a trick to getting XIBO and Javascript Consol to run side by side?


You’d need to press i on your keyboard then you will be able to switch to other applications.

Perhaps you could open the .htm file with your embedded code in a browser in the player local webserver
ie say your htm file with that code in player library is 543.htm then in browser it will be

you can then open dev tools there and look for errors.

^ for the above to work, xibo player must be running of course.

Please also keep in mind that there are changes coming to google maps api -
the pricing will be changed significantly next month

Thanks for all of the helpful info. I checked my quota usage for Maps JavaScript API and see there’s only 2,480 in a 24 hour period. However if they do end up charging for all requests then I will look for something else such as